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Surgical Dressings & Disposable

This range of Surgical Dressings & Disposables has been produced from premium quality cotton. These are basically used as protective layer underneath plaster or synthetic cast for curing internal injury. These disposable items have extensive applications in hospitals and clinics. These products can be availed in various size, thickness and shape based choices. Provided dressing materials apply direct pressure on the injured area from where bleeding is discharged. Applied direct pressure proves to be fruitful to prevent further loss of blood. Skin friendly content of these Surgical Dressings & Disposables prevents skin irritation and infection. Based on their design, these dressing items are used for covering injured knees, hands, legs and elbows. Excellent absorption property of these products is undoubtedly one of their key aspects. Soft to touch, these are light in weight. Being hypoallergenic by nature, these optimize comfort of patients.

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